Step Ahead

If you take a map and connect the dots to three of the most famous landmarks in America, you form a check. The first dot is the symbol of Seattle and is known as the Space Needle. This famous landmark could also symbolize faith because it was built upon a firm foundation that can withstand high winds and earthquakes. Faith builds on the past but is futuristic. A great landmark in San Francisco is the Golden Gate Bridge. The Golden gate bridge could be a symbol of the love of God for all of us. Just like the love given to us in Christ as the bridge from here to eternity. In New York City, a famous landmark greets everyone as they enter. The Statue of Liberty is a symbol of hope for a new life in a new land. Remember the connected dots as a positive symbol of how to step ahead when facing difficulties. 

In Golf, you want a club that gives you maximum power and is forgiving. In life, the tools you want are the principles found in the word of God. They also give you maximum power and are forgiving. Champions in life face up to their toughest competition – themselves. They conquer things that may hold others back by remaining faithful to their purpose,  by using hope to sustain them, and passionately pursuing their dreams so there is no way for failure. Stepping ahead with faith wins every time. Hope beats hopelessness every time. Love beats hate every time. One strategy is to make a list of words that stand for the direct opposite of your principles. The opposite of budgeting money is being in debt. The opposite of health is sickness. These opposites are your competition. Know that these negatives want to beat you and start making a game plan right now to defeat them.

I will never forget taking a train ride through the Swiss Apps and seeing a quaint village in a valley surrounded by snow capped mountains and the sun glistening down on the green meadow. This was truly inspiring and we can all be inspired by the beauty of this world, by God’s power, His promises and His limitlessness. Make it your purpose in life to help others see Christ. Each book you read; each movie or show you see; each conversation you have; each song you hear can have a lesson that God wants you to learn and in turn share with others.

As we age, we start competing with things like cancer and heart disease. My Mom struggled with immobility after brain surgery to remove a tumor. Hope kept her outlook bright with the desire to see her grandchildren grow up. She once did rehab by walking down her sidewalk that was inscribed with encouraging phrases from her grandchildren. She lost her battle with brain cancer but she won at life eternal and now can see her grandchildren grow up from heaven.

In memory of my mom, I’ll be dedicating a Luminaria candle which will be lit at a ceremony in Waco Texas on the night of April 14, 2018. If you, a family member, or friend has been impacted by cancer, please consider dedicating a Luminaria in honor or memory of someone. Here is a link to help you take action now: Dedicate a Luminaria candle.