Saturday, May 18, 2013

Go For It

When difficulties and dangers are greatest, the psalmist in Psalm 121 gets comfort and help from the Lord. The Lord protects from harm throughout life. Never going off duty day or night, He protects from the heat of everyday issues and He guards us in the darkness of a secular society that secretly tries to kill the soul. As we journey away from dangerous places to safe places and into eternity, we can rest assured that the creator of the cosmos is in full control of our body, soul, and mind.

God is big enough to be a sufficient helper. As we face deadlines at work, He makes sure obstacles are removed. As we handle crisis situations with family, He is the wisest counselor. As we struggle with health issues, there is comfort in knowing He is the great physician. As we face schedules that wear us down, He provides the stamina to never give up. All we have to do is go to Him in prayer and our issues are resolved in His perfect timing.

This day with God will be amazing as we notice the sun come up providing food and energy for every living thing. Then in the evening, we will notice the moon and be amazed that someone has actually walked on it and returned back to earth. Yes, we can be amazed at the cycles of each and every day, each and every season, and each and every decade and look forward to the dawn of improved tomorrows. 

As you prepare for each day, is there something that inspires you to maximize your potential and go for it? When the opportunity arises, this inspiration might help you get a jump on grabbing what is thrown your way each day. A while back, I started writing about my journey through the Bible. Check it out at this link: This Day with God devotional.

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Following God’s Will

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Over the last few weeks, I have been studying Psalm 115-119 and writing posts at the This Daywith God devotional. The Psalmist writes about the problem society was having with Idols. During his time, the people would rather worship a carving or statue rather than a living God. They would worship multiple gods back then but doesn’t our society have the same issues today as it worships the rich and famous. There are just have different gods today; athletes, movie stars, recording artist. Also worshiped are nice houses, cars, and other stuff that society thinks will make life better.

The thing with idols is they do nothing for us as they take up our time and money. They sit there and depreciate over time but each day with the ONE and only God is amazing because He helps to replace every doubt or fear with deep abiding trust in Him. Faith in idols does nothing but faith in the ONE and only God is action oriented because real faith is confessing sins, accepting God’s forgiveness, and walking in the light.

In the Journey through life, we all go through difficulty just like the psalmist but the consistent theme of God’s Word is joy and victory when we ask that He help manage the affairs of our life. Life has ups and downs but there is one thing we can always look forward to and that’s the glory of standing in the presence of God when He calls us home. Imagine what it’s like standing in His presence. What if we made this a part of our daily thoughts, and planned each day with this in mind.

Our true reward is when God hears our prayers. There is a peace knowing that God is in control. There is a sense of freedom in knowing that we are headed in the right direction. There is also a sense of purpose. When we are rewarded by His presence, we should give thanks.

Many things we work for and that take up so much of our time are meaningless but the cause of Christ last forever. We all have a story to tell and a reason for living. We were created to worship God. Let us get to know Him, take in lessons from His Word, and gain experiences as we travel through life. These become our assets as we store up treasures in heaven. These assets can be used now and appreciate over time as they light our path

The way of the world leads to inconsistency and confusion but the way of God leads to order and certainty. There is a purpose in life when we live for God and do what He wants. Everything we learn, all the movies we watch, the sports events we watch, and the books we read have a more meaningful purpose when we connect them to God’s principles.

By having a passion for God’s Word which is desired more than gold, we learn the best way to journey through this life. The knowledge and experience we gain can be shared with others so their path to understanding is made easier. There are great benefits to going this route in life but it doesn’t mean that the road will always be smooth.

The Good News is that even in the stuff that drives us crazy in this life, we can trust God for a brighter future. He uses this stuff to make us stronger. Our job is to seek solutions, ask for help, and have patience through hope. Each day with God can be amazing even if having a tough day. We can go to Him in prayer and start fresh with a new perspective.

Sunday, May 5, 2013

The Way of Order and Certainty

I wrote in a post at another blog that the way of the world leads to inconsistency and confusion but the way of God leads to order and certainty. Here’s a video that advances this thought: Stop the World - Matthew West.

God’s Word is essential for life. It’s like food for the soul and we should meditate on it and seek it with all our heart. He speaks through the Bible so Follow His Word and choose the path of truth in getting ready for each day. Then pay attention to the good things, be thankful, and share these blessings with others.