Sunday, February 24, 2013

Faith Built on Prayer

I have been posting recently about applying our faith. The greatest example of the use of applied faith is found in the life of Jesus. The basis of Christianity is faith and is built up by prayer.  Like a seed planted in fertile soil, prayer mixed with faith gives growth to all good plans or ideas. Faith gives life, power, and action to prayers. It is the start of greatness and the chemical or element which, when mixed with prayer, gives one direct communication with God. When Jesus was praying, heaven opened and the Holy Spirit descended on him in bodily form like a dove (Luke 3:21-38).

Let us take note that the public ministry of Jesus began at the age of thirty, after great preparation, prayer, and receiving of the Holy Spirit – the same divine resource God has provided for you; a resource of instruction and empowerment to help you live a reinvigorated life of firm witness of Christ.

Here are some other examples of applied faith found in the bible. In John 5:1-9, a sick man wanted to be healed and spent 38 years thinking that getting into the pool for healing was the way. His faith in Jesus and his willingness to take action was an immediate cure. This example teaches us that having faith and applying our faith is extremely productive.  

If you study the Old Testament, the prophets would tell the kings what they needed to do. We know from hindsight that things would have worked out much better if they had only followed this guidance. The good news is that these same principles are applicable today and each day that goes by gives us another day of recorded history we can model after.

Let us have faith in the principles of God. Let us work on these principles throughout life. Much like playing golf, let us keep a scorecard and try to improve our score by applying these principles to everything we do. In Luke 2:21-39, the Holy Spirit was upon Simeon and he was moved. Just like Simeon, let us take the first step in faith knowing the Spirit will build around us the resources needed.

The Holy Spirit is the intermediary, which links one's prayers with God. The positive emotions like desire, faith, love, enthusiasm, and hope are stimuli, which help us reach and influence the Spirit.  The positive emotions feed the Spirit and are found by studying the Bible, going to church, and through fellowship with others working together.  The negative emotions like fear, jealousy, hatred, revenge, greed, superstition, and anger hamper the Spirit. These negatives are like weeds to a garden. But the more positive emotions choke out these weeds. When mixed with faith and prayer, they help the Spirit become the intermediary with God to bring back answers to our prayers.
Let us seek God’s plan for our day, take action on the plan, and be persistent in carrying out the plan. Imagine if we could see like David. His vision recognized a way to kill the giant by using a developed skill with the slingshot. We also can develop skills with the use of God’s principles to slay our enemies. Think of steps that can be taken so we build on what God has done yesterday and help dream big dreams for tomorrow. 

Let us be humble before God with a daily prayer time and find victory through Him. Let us be like Paul who applied his faith to produce extraordinary results. Let us see ways God can use us. Let us exercise our faith and believe in future increases in wisdom and job skills. Let us be successful as individuals but also balance this success with morality.

To sum this post up, I have written the poem below:

Steps to Take

Start each day out right
Each morning see the light
Tell God your need
He will help to proceed

Pray with confidence
And expect assistance
Listen for instructions
Then take actions

If plans need adjustment
Pray even more fervent
Know that He is with you
All the way through

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Sunday, February 17, 2013

Strong Leaders

After reading 1 Chronicles 13-14, what is found is that David conferred with each of his officers, sought unity with his people and most of all inquired of God who goes before us to prepare the way; building up our life with positive principles found in His Word. Prayer, reflection, and action will develop strong leaders for better families, communities, and nations.

I really enjoy sharing videos that hopefully bless and uplift. I’d like to share this video that asks God for help in leading families. Just click here: Sanctus Real – Lead Me or on the video below to watch. God Bless! 

For the word of the Lord is right and true; He is faithful in all He does. – Psalm 33:4

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Sunday, February 10, 2013

Step Ahead Into the Future

What will it be like in the future? What new inventions might occur? I saw a video recently with Walter Cronkite made in 1967 talking about the home office of the future. At the time the video was made, it was all like science fiction as he demonstrated what he called a computerized communications console. Below are some of the main points of the video:

It was a peek at the Home of the 21st Century
Equipment is shown that would carry on business from the home
A console would allow us to get the news from all over the world
Another console would allow us to check in on the latest weather
We could get reports on stock we might own
We could see and talk to anyone from anyplace in the world
No one would have to go to work because the work would come to them

To see the video and read more, click this link: Step Ahead Into the Future.

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Sunday, February 3, 2013

Just Finished the Book Seven Days in Utopia

I just finished a great book titled “Seven Days In Utopia: Golf’s Sacred Journey” by David L. Cook. I had the opportunity to attend a seminar he gave at my church about eight years ago. In fact, David is from Waco and his parents are members of the same church I attend. He married the daughter of a long time pastor who served at First United Methodist Waco for many years.

David is one of the country’s top speakers and coaches on Peak Performance and served as “Mental Training Coach” for the San Antonio Spurs from 1996-2004 that included two World Championships.

He now has a consulting firm that bridges the gap between the sports and business arenas to help individuals reach peak performance. His clients include companies like Exxon Mobil, Sprint, and American Express among many others.

The book was made into a movie in the summer of 2010 with Robert Duvall as lead actor and released in theaters across the country September of 2011. I would definitely recommend the book. I found it to inspire each of us to look at life in a different way so we can overcome the hazards, give it our best shot in life, and reach our maximum potential.