Saturday, October 29, 2011

Plan to Grow and Prosper

Time and money are two very important resources that need to be managed wisely.

The questions we have to answer every day are what do we need to spend time on today and what are the monetary investments that need to be made.

In 1626, there was an island inhabited by Indians. The island was great for tapping and selling fur. This caught the interest of a man named Peter Minuit who worked for the Dutch West India Company. He offered the Indians $26 in beads for the island. After about four years, there were 200 people that lived on the island. They set up a town called New Amsterdam. Minuit didn’t plan that well for the island and mostly wanting to increase his own personal wealth so the island didn’t increase in value.

This Island didn’t grow at first until some planning took place. They started planning streets and planted trees to make the area more appealing. Today that island bought for $26 is worth somewhere in the vicinity of $200 billion dollars. We know the island today as Manhattan. Some say the most valuable land on the planet earth. Insignificant land became skyscraper building sites. Once a place valuable for trapping and fur trade is now a trading center for finance; home of Wall Street, fashion, and center of New York City.

Now neighbor and friend, you know the lesson of the day. It takes a lot of planning to make something grow and prosper. Sometimes you have to get up early or stay up late to plan before getting busy. Also, money has to be used wisely so you can multiply that wealth. 

How do we budget our time and money wisely?  We need to focus more on activities like preparation, planning, and relationship building. We need to use money wisely by investing and increasing what was entrusted to us. We should accept our lot and be happy in our work. It is important to be concerned about money but it is by no means the only way to keep score. There is much to be said for a job well done, the respect of others, or the thrill of building something from nothing.

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