Thursday, January 19, 2012

Friendship and Lifting the Spirits of Those Around You

Being able to work together with others in a pleasant, courteous, and agreeable way is a very important trait in today's highly technical and specialized world. Things seem to run smoother when those you work with are in good moods. What are some ideas that can lift the spirit of those we are around on a daily basis like our co-workers, family members, and neighbors?

Like anything in life, it may take some research, practice, and hard work. One idea is to be on top of current events, news, and other readings that are uplifting. Another idea is to collect amazing facts of the world or nature; asking God to reveal these in order to share with others. Here are a few examples:  collect facts like how amazing the universe is like below:

  • Did you know that the sun travels 150 miles per second as it rotates around the galaxy yet it takes it millions of years to go all the way around?
  • Did you know that there are over 100 billion galaxies with each galaxy having billions of stars?

Regard each other as a national treasure because we are all brothers and sisters that should live in harmony with one another, building each other up, and loving our neighbors as ourselves. We should dream big because we live in a big universe and God can handle big dreams.

The objective is to stimulate conversations that are uplifting; being a friend that is concerned about their co-worker, family member or neighbor. Click on the video link below:

Think about your day and how busy it is. There is so much time spent handling pressing problems or meeting some deadline when we should be focusing more on activities like preparation, planning, and relationship building. See each day as a gift of God with a limited amount of time. Be careful to live wisely and most of all realize that it is relationships that last forever and bring true happiness.  

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