Monday, December 24, 2012

A Silent Night That Changed the World

At First United Methodist Church Waco yesterday, we finished the sermon series that explored the “Songs of Christmas”. The podcast can be watched by clicking this link: Silent Night Podcast and here is a video of this song: Silent Nightwith Lyrics.

In listening to the sermon, the song, and reviewing the podcast, below are some take aways for me.

Jesus was born in a crude stable and placed in a manger on a silent night but soon loud words would be spoken in His life that would spread to change the world. His mother was only around 16 years old but she responded by following God’s will. We all feel like we need to do big things for God but most of the time it is the modest, silent, and small actions we take that have the biggest impact. God wants us to simply be His servant by listening to His directions and following. If we say the words in bold below and believe them, our life will never be the same.


When we do what God has for us, our life speaks for itself and is not so silent. The birth of Jesus on a silent night was a night that communicates God’s love for us. It is a night that sets us free; from hurts, worries, hopelessness, pain, and fear. It is a night that gives all a lift during dark times. It is a night that corrects the darkness with light through Jesus Christ and we all become a part of the light that reflects God’s love.

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Have a Merry Christmas!


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