Sunday, February 10, 2013

Step Ahead Into the Future

What will it be like in the future? What new inventions might occur? I saw a video recently with Walter Cronkite made in 1967 talking about the home office of the future. At the time the video was made, it was all like science fiction as he demonstrated what he called a computerized communications console. Below are some of the main points of the video:

It was a peek at the Home of the 21st Century
Equipment is shown that would carry on business from the home
A console would allow us to get the news from all over the world
Another console would allow us to check in on the latest weather
We could get reports on stock we might own
We could see and talk to anyone from anyplace in the world
No one would have to go to work because the work would come to them

To see the video and read more, click this link: Step Ahead Into the Future.

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