Saturday, March 16, 2013

People We Enjoy Being Around

What is it about some people that make us want to be around them? One trait is that they see others as being important with unique skills. They never underestimate potential in others.

Are there stories you have heard or experienced of people who attract crowds? Maybe it’s a friend, a teacher, or a family member. My Grandfather was a High School principal for many years and at his funeral were many former students that had gone through his school. He had the ability to see value in people and they all wanted to pay their respects.

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The Foundation for a Better Life has a website. On this website at this link, I read story of an athlete who threw a winning pass to win a football game. Afterwards, he went with some friends to get pizza and they saw the nerdish team manager fall off his bike. Everyone laughed except the great athlete who then invited the team manager to come with them for some pizza. Let us all strive to be like the athlete and throw some winning passes at life by seeing some good in everyone.

I will always remember my friend Gregg who took me in and introduced me to everyone when my parents moved back to their hometown. He died in 2006 after a hard fought two year long battle with cancer and at his funeral, the church was filled with people he had touched in the same way he had touched me.

A few years ago, I remember seeing a commercial of a regional fast food restaurant chain called Whataburger. A guy in this commercial is enjoying breakfast and then looks at his watch only to realize he is late for work. Then he hurriedly buys some extra goodies to carry to work and share with his co-workers. Being late for work doesn’t make you look bad to the boss when you bring breakfast. Instead, he remembers you as the one who brought breakfast.

Every day, we have an opportunity to bring something that others can enjoy. We don’t have to bring breakfast every day; just bring yourself with a smile and an attitude that everyone is important with unique skills to offer.

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