Sunday, April 21, 2013

The Word of God Planted in a Soul

The Word of God planted in a soul with integrity is like seed planted in fertile soil that flourishes into a banner crop.

Photo Credit – Meditations from Zion

We can learn lessons from others in how to live but we can also learn lessons from others in how not to live. Remember how greed put Peter in a difficult situation and he didn’t handle things with integrity in Luke22:54-71. People may make you an offer that you think you can’t resist but that doesn’t mean it’s in your best interest to take them up on the proposal. A person of integrity desires faith, hope, and love more than fame, fortune, and status.

Maintain integrity by trusting in the Lord, asking Him to examine your heart and mind. Associate with good people, love the Church, and tell others about the qualities of God’s character. Even if people are treating you bad, keep your integrity and keep doing the right thing. If they get you upset and you try to pay them back, you may be the one that gets in trouble. Instead, try to forgive and believe God will bring victory into your life. Make a decision to be a person of integrity.

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