Saturday, May 18, 2013

Go For It

When difficulties and dangers are greatest, the psalmist in Psalm 121 gets comfort and help from the Lord. The Lord protects from harm throughout life. Never going off duty day or night, He protects from the heat of everyday issues and He guards us in the darkness of a secular society that secretly tries to kill the soul. As we journey away from dangerous places to safe places and into eternity, we can rest assured that the creator of the cosmos is in full control of our body, soul, and mind.

God is big enough to be a sufficient helper. As we face deadlines at work, He makes sure obstacles are removed. As we handle crisis situations with family, He is the wisest counselor. As we struggle with health issues, there is comfort in knowing He is the great physician. As we face schedules that wear us down, He provides the stamina to never give up. All we have to do is go to Him in prayer and our issues are resolved in His perfect timing.

This day with God will be amazing as we notice the sun come up providing food and energy for every living thing. Then in the evening, we will notice the moon and be amazed that someone has actually walked on it and returned back to earth. Yes, we can be amazed at the cycles of each and every day, each and every season, and each and every decade and look forward to the dawn of improved tomorrows. 

As you prepare for each day, is there something that inspires you to maximize your potential and go for it? When the opportunity arises, this inspiration might help you get a jump on grabbing what is thrown your way each day. A while back, I started writing about my journey through the Bible. Check it out at this link: This Day with God devotional.

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