Saturday, January 25, 2014

Standing Up to Those Who Ridicule

                                                   Photo Credit – Google Images
Peter is writing this letter to remind about the predictions from the apostles and from Jesus of the coming of those who will ridicule their faith. Reading in 2 Peter 3:1-10, many in the world will doubt the second coming of Christ (v. 3). They will make light of sin and mock at salvation by Jesus Christ therefore they will not be God fearing and will not consider God’s judgment. They will not see the need to seek the happiness beyond this world.
The scoffers will say that God does not intervene in history but Peter uses history to refute this argument by pointing out that past judgment was with water during the time of Noah (v. 6). Many believe the world should get better and better but this goes against scripture which tells us there will be a second judgment of God which will change history by refining with fire.
So, the things we see happening in our world today like disasters, wars, and cultural decay will only confirm our faith. This will indicate Christ is near and make us reach out to more so they can look forward to the happiness beyond this world.
This day with God, let us submit to Him and put His will first in our life. Let us always be prepared by practicing our faith day in and day out. Until the day He comes or calls, let us pray for direction and discipline in His ways.
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