Saturday, April 26, 2014

The Victorious Life

Faithful people have reason to praise God. As written in Psalm 149, joy and enthusiasm characterize their praise. The Lord takes delight in His believers and provides victory (v. 4). The characteristic that is linked to a victorious life is humility because a humble person follows the will of God and God finds pleasure in those that carry out His purpose.
This Psalm is a military song of victory with God’s people fighting His battle. I found an interesting illustration about this Psalm in Family Times. Many times, the skill level between people is not all that different. The British Army officer named Duke of Wellington along with the coalition defeated the French army leader and Emperor named Napoleon Bonaparte. Why was one victorious at Waterloo when both had almost the exact backgrounds? They both had 4 brothers and three sisters, they both lost their father at a young age, they both studied at the same military school, they both became great military leaders. The difference maker is having God on your side. God is in control of the future and you want to be on His side.
God needs those that worship Him but also willing to stand up against injustice and evil. Little by little, we can gain victories over the things that cause crime, poverty, and bad health. The Israelites carried out God’s purpose in their day and we can carry out God’s purpose as we fight against the negatives in our world today. Each day with God can be amazing when we realize that He can bless us with more victories than all the grains of sand on earth.
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