Friday, September 11, 2015

Inquire and Get Higher

The post Getting in a Position to Find Jesus is about Zacchaeus climbing a tree to see Jesus. This day with God, it’s still the same for us; wanting to see Jesus by taking the initiative to inquire where Jesus is and getting a clear view of Him so we know how we should live.

We can start with one small step and we will find that we can get to a higher place than we ever thought we could. There is an efficient and effective way to meet with Jesus; every activity, every conversation, every problem, and even every thought.

I hope today’s video will get us one step closer to getting in that position: Take Me Higher – Lincoln Brewster.

Let us, then, feel very sure that we can come before God’s throne where there is grace. There we can receive mercy and grace to help us when we need it. - Hebrews 4:16

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