Thursday, January 21, 2016

Step Ahead in Faith Towards Our Purpose

We have a much better shot at victory if we have a plan and through Jesus, God has given us a plan. Life may disappoint at times but the good news is that there is something better ahead if we step ahead in faith, choose to make every day count, seize the moment to be the light, and share this light with others.

Let us believe things will fall into place and let us see in our mind how great things will be accomplished today. Let us believe that this day with God will be amazing because of who He is and who we are; an important name in history – one of His children. Here is today’s inspiring video about who we are in Christ: Born Again - Newsboys.

“...let us know His secret purpose.  This was what God wanted, and He planned to do it through Christ.  His goal was to carry out His plan, when the right time came, that all things in heaven and on earth would be joined together in Christ as the head. - Ephesians 1:9-11

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