Saturday, September 28, 2013

Law of the Lord

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Rehoboam and his kingdom were at one point strong but he and all of Israel abandoned the law of the Lord as recorded in 2 Chronicles 12. Keeping God out encourages the enemy and in this reading, we get a good picture of this occurring. Shishak king of Egypt saw Israel’s lack of faithfulness and was encouraged to attack Jerusalem in the fifth year of Rehoboam’s reign.
Rehoboam responded with humility and God did not bring total destruction upon Israel but did make them subject to Shishak. The treasures of the temple and of the royal palace were carried off by Shishak (V. 9). Even the gold shields Solomon had made were taken and there was a general decline of the kingdom as evidenced in verses 10 and 11.
The chronicler’s general verdict concerning Rehoboam’s reign is that he started out demonstrating some good characteristics but did not make seeking God a priority. He then lost strength as a leader because he did not have God’s favor. The kingdom declined under Rehoboam but he did humble himself so God did not bring total destruction.
History has recorded that Rehoboam did not take advantage of God’s power and this resulted in weak leadership and a weakened kingdom. This day with God, let us learn from history and pray for goodness. Let us gain favor by setting our heart on seeking God. Let us remember that it is evil that takes treasure from our soul but being faithful to God, giving Him glory, and worshiping Him alone will build up treasures for the soul.
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