Saturday, October 5, 2013

Be Lifted to New Heights of Accomplishment

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The event recorded in 2 Chronicles 13 is another inspiring occurrence where we see the results of God’s favor at work just like David defeating Goliath, the Red Sea and Moses, or Daniel and the lion’s den. If we can just simplify our life and let God do the amazing part, we can be lifted to new heights of accomplishment. God can expand our thinking and give us confidence to adventure out to explore new opportunities that fulfill the purpose He has for us.
In today’s reading, Jeroboam’s northern kingdom seemed to have the military advantage with an army twice the size as Abijah’s fighting men but God was not on their side because the priests in Jeroboam’s northern kingdom were selected by them and their gods were idols like golden calves. On the other hand, the southern kingdom called Judah led by Abijah worshiped the LORD; Jehovah, the only true God. The priests in Judah were the sons of Aaron and the Levites who assisted them.
Jeroboam had set up an ambush and with the number soldiers in his army, it looked like a sure win but Judah had one big advantage; God was on their side. They ended up routing Jeroboam because they relied on the LORD, the God of their fathers (v. 18).
When the God of the universe intervenes, there is optimism, confidence, and decisiveness. It is like the runner with the wind at their back or the team with momentum. This day, think about what it means to have a God who intervenes. Believe that He will lead you to where you did not expect to go and shape you in ways you had not anticipated.
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