Saturday, November 2, 2013

Community Service

This past week, there were several opportunities for me to be involved in community service. Last Saturday night,  our community held the American Cancer Society’s Relay for Life  and at work this week, we started the United Way campaign.
In memory of my mom, my immediate family, neighbors, and my brother and sisters dedicated Luminary candles. If you, a family member, or friend has been impacted by cancer, please consider dedicating a Luminary candle in honor or memory of someone. Here is a link to help you take action now: Dedicate a Luminaria candle.

Another great organization is the United Way. They have a mission to advance the common good through education, income, and health. I went to a rally Wednesday held by John Key, local Executive Director of Economic Opportunities Advancement Corp (EOAC). He talked about programs that allow low-income parents to afford the reliable child care they need and provide at-risk children with the early learning experiences they need for success in school and life.
Issues with the economy, health, and education are major obstacles to the advancement of the common good. As a society, we have to deal with things like cancer, heart disease, and poverty. We must keep our outlook bright. Here is a poem I recently wrote that emphasizes how important faith is as we face these challenges: The Clear Advantage.

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