Saturday, October 26, 2013

Faith Inspires True Courage

Reading in 2 Chronicles 20:14-37, the people of Judah had assembled and Jahaziel stands up to tell them what the Lord has said to him which is to not be afraid or discouraged about the vast army coming at them because He will be with them. God had spoken to Jahaziel with instructions and the people believed in the plan. They responded with worship and praise to God. Then set out with faith to carry out the plan.
Faith inspires true courage. King Jehoshaphat stood in front of the people of Judah to inspire and give courage to his people as they set out to face the enemy. They then started singing and praising the Lord as they headed to battle. While doing this, the Lord was already setting up events for victory; giving advantages to Judah and even confusing the enemies so they were destroying each other.
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The Lord gave them victory. At this point in history, the other kingdoms began to notice that God was on Judah’s side so they were afraid to attack them. There was peace and rest for Judah at this time in history but the people again didn’t put their total heart and soul on God so there was mediocrity instead of excellence in their future.
This day with God, pray for protection from evil and victory over temptation. Note how the Bible gives great advice and have assurance that there is victory in Christ to win any battle that life brings.
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