Saturday, December 14, 2013

Actions are Proof of His Love

Jesus and His Love for the church can inspire our day and build momentum. Christ fulfilled His purpose on earth with passion and boldness. It wasn’t easy but like most things of importance, it takes devotion.
With our helper in the Holy Spirit, we are empowered to share about this purpose of Christ. We can fight life’s battles together and what begins as a ripple on a pond can turn into a wave that travels far and continues to spread.   
To give a lift for your day, take a look at this video: The Proof of Your Love – For King and Country. Have a wonderful day with God! 

Let us, then, feel very sure that we can come before God’s throne where there is grace. There we can receive mercy and grace to help us when we need it. – Hebrews 4:16
For an inspirational start to each day, join the journey at: This Day with God Devotional.

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