Saturday, December 28, 2013

The New Year is Knocking on the Door and so is the Spirit of Christ

I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas. My family attended a great Candlelight service as you can see in the photo. We then went over to my sister-in-laws house to enjoy a meal on Christmas day. Later that afternoon, we traveled to my hometown about sixty miles away to enjoy an evening with my brother, two sisters, and their families.
The person whose birthday we just celebrated is God in the flesh. The Spirit of Christ knocks on the door of our heart. But we are not always ready. Here’s a poem I wrote intended to get us ready: Ready for Each Day.
Friendship is a crucial part of a permanent love commitment. We should lift up those we are committed to; pray for them, listen and care. We are to love what they love and try to do what they ask.
The love of Christ gives us peace and freedom to take risk for He lives in us. Always believe He will help you come through and overcome any situation you face. Accept God’s Wonderful Counselor for life. Here’s another poem inspired by my recent study in Song of Songs: Love Lifts Higher.
As we head into the New Year, I will continue with my postings of the study in Song of Songs; a book that many read as a parable to demonstrate affections between Christ and the church. I should be able to finish this study in a few more days. Then the plan is to post for a while about a study of 2 Peter.
For an inspirational start to each day, join the journey at: This Day with God Devotional.

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