Monday, February 16, 2015

Questions for Reflection for Study of Genesis 13-16

After the flood, God made a promise to Noah that He would never flood the earth again and the symbol of this promise is the rainbow. Today, God can provide music for our ears, laughter for our soul, and a rainbow after every storm because of His love demonstrated to us through His son Jesus. His Word provides food for the mind and His Son creates light for understanding so our acceptance of Jesus as the Son of God truly washes sins away.

The Bible is not about great people doing things for God; it is just regular people doing extraordinary things because of an amazing God. He knows each of us by name and has a place for each of us in this world. That is why it is important to take the initiative in being prepared for each day. Being the best “you” everyday so God can do His work.

In life, we all have doubts but those who can step ahead even while having doubts are the people God can use to do great things. It takes humility and it takes the willingness to learn from each other. Associating with others of integrity is important along with trust and when our trust is in God’s way, we are assured of getting to our destination.

As the journey continues through God’s Word for the weeks to come. The mission of this blog is to bring out ways to apply His Word in our life at work, at home, and within our neighborhoods. The questions for reflection for the study of Genesis 13-16 below will help bring out some thoughts and ideas over the next two weeks.

What is Abraham and Lot’s problem? How does Abraham resolve the problem? How does the way you settle differences and arguments reveal your trust (or lack of trust) in God? What does Lot’s choice reveal about his character?

What are the dangers of close association with ungodly people? Who is Melchizedek? How do you act toward fellow Christians?

What is Abraham’s main concern? How does God encourage Abraham? What predictions and promises does God make while Abraham is asleep (watch the future developments)?

How did Sarah and Abraham try to “push” God? What is their basic problem? In what ways do your actions affect future generations?

The above reading plan will be used as I share over the next few posts. It’s important to have a plan. I’m thankful that Jesus is God’s plan for us and by accepting Him as Savior; we have taken the steps necessary to make this day with Him amazing! At this link: God’s Plan for Us, is a post about accepting God’s plan or reaffirming our “YES” for Christ.

Feel free to respond with a short note or a comment about any of the questions above. Also, I welcome any other thoughts or ideas, favorite inspirational videos, photos, or favorite Bible verses. Just add them to the comments or to a Facebook page I’ve set up at this link: This Day With God.

Resources and Supplementary Helps Used in Posts
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