Thursday, March 5, 2015

Our Amazing Creator

In the post Nothing is too Difficult for the Lord, we learn the lesson that all things are possible for the Creator of all things. Sarah was up in age but the promise was made that she would have a child. There is always hope when God is in the driver’s seat and we are doing what is right.

The problem is that sometimes we do not follow His direction. As was the case of those in Sodom who were not doing what was right in God’s eyes. Abraham had a nephew named Lot that lived in Sodom and the Lord listens to Abraham’s request as Abraham intercedes for Lot before God’s judgment falls upon the city.

Remember friends, faith gained on Sunday will pull us through on Monday so we can step ahead into Tuesday. It’s hard to understand but God can pull us through. Here’s a song about the fact that God is beyond description: Indescribable – Chris Tomlin.

For nothing is impossible with God. – Luke 1:37

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