Thursday, October 27, 2016

Got Wisdom?

Wisdom is the principal thing; therefore get wisdom. And in all your getting, get understanding. – Proverbs 4:7

In the post “What’s the Cure”, explained was how the incentives were upside down during Hosea’s time in Israel. Isn’t it amazing that the incentives seem to be upside down in societies throughout our world today! One thought brought out in the post was that governments throughout the world go into debt for rewarding the wrong behavior.

There is an incentive for governments to make people dependent on them rather than God. Even the United States seems to no longer put an emphasis on being “One Nation Under God”. Instead of being wise, being efficient, and productive as individuals, the aim is to promote discontent and chaos. Perhaps the reason is that society is in disarray and laws are not enforced.

When laws are not enforced, there is no accountability in society and a lack of morality is pushed throughout the culture. The worse off the people become, the more government solutions are pushed. Then to support government solutions, people are taxed to support the dependence. This only makes the harmful government institutions grow even larger and more tyrannical.

Over time, governments grow but go into more and more debt. Then governments tax more and this limits what people can create on their own; limiting their gifts to churches and non-profits. The vicious cycle continues from generation to generation. Unfortunately, people then have fewer opportunities to get out of the second-rate living conditions they have been forced into by the government.

The only cure is through accepting God’s grace. The Great Physician diagnosed adultery, stealing, and murder; the prognosis was emptiness, failure, and disappointment. But by accepting God’s grace, there is a cure and His people can also acquire the positive lessons of life through the study of His Word!

God’s way leads to wisdom and understanding. As in this video, God knows how we should live and His Word provides the instruction: He Knows – Jeremy Camp.

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